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When Pep Rallies Go Wrong (‘Two Teachers, One Chair’ Edition)

I know when I think of high school pep rallies from my youth (and even still today when I drunkenly stumble into one – don’t ask), nothing would get the student body more fired up than a sexually-suggestive dance between two teachers. Rawr!

Two teachers employed (for now) by Churchill High School in Winnipeg, Canada, may now be second-guessing themselves after a sexually-charged performance in front of 100 students resulted in their suspension without pay. Video of the incident, filmed by a student and cleverly dubbed “Two Teachers, One Chair” is now a big hit on the internets.

In the video, an adult female wearing pigtails beckons to an adult male. He grinds up against her, thrusting suggestively and sticking his head between her legs several times. Students hoot in the background.

Not surprising, the community of Winnipeg is shocked – SHOCKED! – I tell ya. And not just the parents, even some of the students cannot believe it.

“It looked like, dare I say it, sex on the dance floor,” 17-year-old student Heather Mason told CBC Manitoba. “Stuff kids shouldn’t be seeing. I was shocked. I don’t expect anything like that from teachers.”

What seventeen-year-old kid speaks like that? “Dare I say it”? Yeah, this Heather Mason gal reminds me of the kind of girl that didn’t particularly appreciate some of the innocent antics I pulled back when I was in high school. You know, like refusing to bus my own lunch tray, always asking to borrow loose leaf paper from them and forgetting to wear trunks during swim class. Harmless stuff like that.

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