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Scott Van Pelt Addresses His ‘Captain Janks Moment’

Courtesy of the esteemed Jimmy Traina and his wonderful Hot Clicks, an absolute must-read every day – twice even – here are Scott Van Pelt’s comments regarding his embarrassing interaction with Howard Stern’s Captain Janks last night on SportsCenter:

“Many of the most respected anchors in the business, folks far more respected than me, have been on the wrong end of Howard’s loyal following. Here’s a little-known fact. I was on the receiving end [of a prank call] back in the day at The Golf Channel. So, I believe this places me in rarified air. How many people have twice on live TV heard the dreaded words ‘Howard Stern’? I’m just bummed that my ‘Hi, YouTube’ comment was not caught on camera, because I knew that’s where this moment was headed.”

You have to give the guy credit for being such a good sport about it. I am fairly confident I wouldn’t have taken it so well. In fact, I would still be locked in my dressing room, crying, and swearing revenge on Howard Stern, Captain Janks and the moron ESPN staffer that put the call through. Especially that staffer. That person has had to have been fired by now, right?

Scott Speaks [Hot Clicks]