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Ozzie Guillen Is The Reason Why Twitter Was Invented

Finally indeed, Mr. Guillen.

Guillen, one of the more colorful personalities – to put it mildly – in major league baseball now has an account up and running on Twitter. And for that, we should all be thankful.

I would also like to thank my good friends at Walkoff Walk for the great find, and according to them and their sources, Ozzie’s Twitter account is completely legit.

Considering Guillen’s propensity for shooting from the hip, my estimation is that White Sox brass will be ordering him to take his Twitter account down well before the end of April. But it will be a fun ride until then, won’t it? To wit:

Yes, this is going to be fun. At the time of this post, Ozzie already has nearly 5,200 followers. He has yet to follow anyone at this point, which is disappointing. Apparently, Jay Mariotti ain’t on Twitter yet.

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