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Old Man Deford Takes A Potshot At ESPN Talent Via Bob Costas Compliment

As should be expected, Frank Deford penned a wonderful column lamenting the loss of what the Winter Olympics – and accordingly, what watching them – used to be:  spontaneous, edge-of-your-seat excitement, filled with meaning, and perhaps most importantly, being subjected to nary a tape-delayed broadcast.

Deford goes on to speculate – rightly so – that this Winter Olympiad might be the last seen on NBC. ESPN, with their money and clout, believe that the Olympics are theirs for the taking. And, with a subtle stroke of the keys, Deford, nimbly and slyly, proceeds to rip a majority of the mouth-breathers and half-wits currently sitting in front of cameras over at tWWL trying to appear witty, while at the same time giving Bob Costas his due:

But it is simply worth noting that if NBC does lose the Olympics, we lose Bob Costas as the interlocutor. ESPN hasn’t anybody even near his ability to do this unique thing he does so well, night after night. You’ll have no idea how good Costas is ’til you see somebody else try to do it.


In all seriousness, can you imagine Chris Berman doing what Costas does? (shudders) And considering how hard ESPN came down on Kornheiser – not because of his critique of Hannah Storm’s outfits, but instead, as some allege, a joke he made about Berman’s weight – the Swami might just still be there if and when The Worldwide Leader In Sports lands the Games.

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