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No, The Shorts Worn On The LPGA Tour Are Not Too Short, Now Buzz Off Lady Golf Writer

Come on, Ashleigh Korzack, you’re going to ruin it for everyone!

In a column published Monday on GolfWeek’s web site, the above-mentioned writer opined on whether or not the shorts (and presumably, skirts/skorts) – modeled by Michelle Wie and Hee Young Park above – are beginning to reveal a little too much leg on the ladies of the LPGA Tour.


The issue of LPGA players who wear short shorts and skorts has been hotly debated. And with girls like Natalie Gulbis, Sandra Gal and Hee Young Park (this weekend at the Honda PTT LPGA Thailand) showing off their gams, it’s a topic that likely won’t go away.

Nope, the ladies are doing just fine with their wardrobe choices, thank you very much. It’s not like they are hosting SportsCenter or anything. Sheesh.

Korzack, to her credit, is technically not being a wet blanket about the Nair-needing short shorts, writing, that she is “not an advocate for stuffy, country club dress codes, but I can understand why shorts that are too short offend some people. However, for the good of the game, showing a little more skin could be the ticket to spicing things up for the LPGA.” But the mere mention of it may prick up the ears of the powers-that-be in LPGA, who will undoubtedly overreact and then do you know what happens?

And we don’t need anything like that to happen, now do we? So let’s take it nice and easy and let this little issue go away.

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