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Next Up On SportsCenter: Scott Van Pelt Interviews Tomlinson’s Agent, Frank Rizzo


Poor, poor Scott Sans Pelt. Captain Janks – he of The Howard Stern Show – got you – he got you good.

Here he thought he was getting the exclusive interview with recently released Eagles running back Brian Westbrook. Unfortunately, it was Howard Stern’s pawn, Captain Janks, impersonating Westbrook. And as The700Level pointed out, it doesn’t even sound like Westbrook.

Via Associated Content:

Janks, speaking as Westbrook, told Sports Center he “has nothing but respect for head coach Andy Reid and I look forward to a future of worshipping Howard Stern’s prostate”.

That’s Janks’ trademark– he always gets Stern’s name in on his prank.

Captain Janks has fooled many high profile media types in his day and Van Pelt will certainly not be the last. I want to feel sorry for Sans Pelt – I really do – but it’s way too good not to sit back and enjoy. Kind of like “The Jerky Boys” was way back in the day.

R-I-Z-Z…O! Awesome.

I wonder how many people ESPN is going to have to suspend for this gaffe.

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