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Joe Mauer Must Be A Closet ‘Super Troopers’ Fan

Now that is a magnificent mustache…chicken fucker.

Seriously, if Mauer packed on 40 or 50 pounds – not that I am recommending that – no litres o’ cola for Mr. Minnesota Twin on my watch –  he would be the spittin’ image of Farva.

The fellas over at 7th Inning Stache, utilizing the very scientific MOOPS (Mustache Oy! Oy! Projection System) method, have projected – if Joe lets that thing fill out a bit – that this is what Mauer will look like in about three weeks.

Now that’s a soup-strainer any man could sport with pride, I’ll admit that much.

Joe Mauer Beard-To-Mustache Reality [7th Inning Stache]