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And Now, Today In Funny Team Name News…

Sometimes, you have to wonder what these schools could have possibly been thinking when they came up with these names. I understand that most of them are named after the region, local culture or the academic focus of the particular school, but come on.

Strawberry Mansion loses coach, then game to Franklin

Strawberry Mansion, a neighborhood in Philadelphia, certainly does not have the most intimidating name. It sounds like a location that can only be reached if you take a ride from Maple Stirrup and the Oatsmobile. One more question: if you attend school at Strawberry Mansion, would you be sent home for wearing a raspberry beret? The kind you find at a second-hand store? Just wondering.

Wet floor postpones game between Math, Civics and Sciences and New Media

I am sure they do a fine job of educating their students, but should schools with these names even have athletics? If anything, I would have assumed a lack of any sort of athletic talent from those students focusing on these areas of study would postpone a game long before a wet floor would.

Notre Dame faces Pitt without its star player

Heh. Notre Dame. Hilarious.