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Like Most Bowlers, John Johnson Leads A Charmed Life

Most people are not aware of this, but bowling is a lifestyle, and avid bowlers are some of the happiest, salt-of-the-earth people on this planet. Not only are they usually in fantastic shape, they spend a majority of their time in luxurious bowling alleys, sipping on the finest hand-crafted brews while enjoying stimulating conversation with some of the most sophisticated, intelligent folks this side of a MENSA meeting.

Better yet, luck seems to follow them wherever they go. Case in point, one redundantly-named John Johnson. The 36-year-old bowler from Arvada, Colorado, in Reno for the U.S. Bowling Congress Open Championships this week, cashed in big time at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, winning the $10.4 million jackpot on a $20 bet on a Megabucks MegaJackpotĀ  slot machine.

“I kept telling my wife that something was going to go well this week, whether it was bowling well or winning something, but I never could have imagined winning $10 million.”

“Three years ago I married my wife, Stephanie, here in Reno,” Johnson said. “All of us use the Open as a vacation every year, and we just come out to have a good time. Plus, bowling is a big part of my life. It’s really the best of everything.”

Indeed it is, John Johnson. Indeed it is. And the best part of this story is that Johnson still rolled with his Kamikaze Keglers on Monday. Man, money, notoriety, bowling – this guy has got it all. You know, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

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