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Here Are Some Superb Jayson Werth a/k/a Epic Beard Man Photoshops

We were collectively blown away yesterday by the grizzly awesomeness of Jayson Werth’s Epic Beard. Of course, the blogsosphere/Twittersphere are having a great time with it. Many thanks to The700Level for linking to this post from The Fightins who linked to some awesome photoshop goodness by a variety of talented photoshoppers. Above is my favorite one, Jayson Werth as Falcor from The Neverending Story (via @mistertug).

Below are two additional favorites of mine:

The Dude Abides (via The Good Fight)

Jive Talkin’ (via @BlueJayHunter)

Many more brilliant photoshops can be found at The Fightins. Phenomenal work by everyone.

The Evolution of Jayson Werth’s Face [The700Level]
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