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Tim Tebow: ‘I Choose Not To Throw!’

Once again, Tim Tebow has demonstrated his belief that he should be able to dictate how things related to his quest to become an NFL quarterback should go. Tebow, as reported by NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi, has stated that he will not throw at the NFL Scouting Combine this week in Indianapolis. The Great Tebow claims he is working on altering his delivery, which he will debut March 17th at the Florida’s pro day.

“I think I’m definitely open to improving my fundamentals,” Tebow said then. “I think I definitely showed that by being here. If you just watched the way I played, you could see there is room for improvement and what I need to work on.”

It must have been so hard – so very, very difficult – for Mr. Perfect to be forced to admit that currently, he is not God’s gift to the NFL quarterback position. The fact that he waited this long to realize it only confirms Tebow’s overinflated sense of just where his preparedness for the next level was really at. Further, his unwillingness – up until this point – to listen to the many people who advised him that without changing his delivery and working at taking the snap from center, his chances to succeed in the NFL would be slim to none.

Stubborn fella, that Tebow. Not very Christian of him, is it?

Wait, stubbornness is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, right? Isn’t that the reason why mules are called asses? And since stubbornness was the seventh of the Seven Deadly Sins, that was the reason why Mad Jack the Mountain Man’s mule was named Number Seven on Grizzly Adams, correct?

Or am I just really confused here? Somebody answer me.

Tebow will not throw at combine while he’s changing his delivery []