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Phillies Right Fielder Jayson Werth Is The New Epic Beard Man

Werth can try all he wants to take that moniker, unfortunately, there is only one Epic Beard Man. And I wouldn’t suggest fighting him for it, either. The guy is a goddamn Vietnam veteran, for crisssakes. One thing Werth does have going for him is the t-shirt he is wearing underneath his jersey says, “I Am A Motherfucker.”

Good lord, that is one impressive beard. He looks like a roadie from .38 Special’s “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” tour in 1982. Just hold on loosely, ladies, but don’t let go.

According to The700Level, teammate Brad Lidge said Werth looks like “[a] cross between Jesus Christ and the Geico caveman.”

Yeah, I can see that.

Lidge throws… plus Werth’s beard [The700Level]