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More Like ‘Basketbrawl’, Amirite? (Video)

Eleven players from both teams have been suspended for one game as a result of a fight that ensued in a game between NAIA powerhouses Berea College and Indiana University Southeast last Thursday. I have no idea whether or not either of these colleges are technically powerhouses, but it sounds a lot sexier that way.

Every player on both teams were ejected. Apparently, with 8:52 remaining in the first half, a hard pick set-off the bench-clearing brawl.

Boy, I haven’t seen a hard pick cause this much of a ruckus since the person sitting next to me on the bus caught me with my index finger shoved up into my nostril mid-knuckle. ZING!

For Berea College, the five suspended players will miss their first-round game in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference tournament.

According to the KIAC, the game will not count toward either team’s record and none of the statistics will count toward season totals.

As The (Louisville) Courier-Journal reports, Indiana University Southeast picked up seven walk-on players so that it wouldn’t have to forfeit Saturday’s regular-season finale at Indiana University East.

I’m sorry, but such a despicable display of poor sportsmanship needs to be condemned with much harsher penalties than a measly one-game suspension. This is completely unacceptable and cannot not be tolerated, because if behavior like this keeps up in Division II basketball, who is going to bother watching the big boys anymore? This is far more entertaining than watching Big Ten basketball, although that’s not really saying much. And that, my friends, cannot stand. What would become of our March Madness office pools?

Video: Brawl breaks out, forces NAIA game to be called off in first half [USA Today]