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It’s A Damn Miracle Only One Person Died As A Result Of This Drag Racing Crash

A woman has died after being struck by debris when a crashing dragster’s wheel flew off the car, setting off a violent crash at the NHRA Arizona Nationals on Sunday.

The woman was watching a first-round Top Fuel run at Firebird International Raceway when Antron Brown’s Matco Tools/U.S. Army dragster went out of control on the strip and its left rear wheel came off.

Alia Maisonet, a spokeswoman for the Gila River Indian Community, said the woman was airlifted to a Phoenix-area hospital for treatment and later died. Gila River emergency responders were among the first to respond to the scene.

Maisonet said she didn’t know the victim’s name or hometown.

“The entire NHRA community is deeply saddened by today’s incident and sends its thoughts and prayers to the woman’s family and friends,” the National Hot Rod Association said in an e-mailed statement.

Video after the jump.

Note: there is nothing particularly gory in the video, just remember, a woman did lose her life as a result of the crash.

Yowsers. It is a blessing (or an incredible stroke of luck) that no one else in the stands was reported to be injured.

Although it must be amazing to witness first-hand the speed and power of these machines and the amazing skill displayed by the drivers, these same qualities which make drag racing so fascinating also carry an inherent risk  when watching it in person. But considering the frequency of the crashes that occur at these events,  it truly is a miracle that tragedies like this do not happen more often. At the same time Рand to their credit Рthe NHRA must be doing at least something right as we rarely hear about somebody actually getting killed as a result.

Thoughts go out to the woman’s family, whoever they may be.

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