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Trades Make Kaman Angry! KAMAN SMASH!!

More often than not, Clippers center Chris Kaman is Bruce Banner-like with mild-mannered, introverted behavior. But playing for the lowly Los Angeles Clippers for seven years can make a man lose it. Sometimes, Kaman gets angry and you wouldn’t like Kaman when he’s angry.

Kaman is a bit out of sorts and frustrated that the Clippers traded away Marcus Camby in exchange for Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake, referring to Camby as the team’s “best defensive player.”

“I have to trust that the decisions they make are the right one for the team long term. Obviously we didn’t perform the way we were capable of this season or how we wanted to this season. I’m not saying that it’s over but it’s going to be tough to come back and win games when everyone is on different pages with new players shuffling in and out of the locker room and the lineup and Kim having to deal with all that. It’s tough. We’ll see what happens this summer if we get a big player this summer and put us in position to make the playoffs…I’ve been here seven years and I’ve only been to the playoffs once and that team was broken up two seasons later, so it’s frustrating.”

Frustrating indeed. Yet Kaman was surprisingly elegant in articulating his feelings. But I’m sure that won’t last for long. Sooner or later, Kaman is going to get even more frustrated. And then he’ll get angry.  So angry, in fact, it MAKE KAMAN WANT TO SMASH! KAMAN SMASH TRADE!

What? It’s a reference to The Incredible Hulk, people. You know, because Kaman kind of looks like a monster and you can imagine him behaving like the Hulk? You know? Jesus, doesn’t anyone read comic books anymore?

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