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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute? (February 19th)

• Drew appeared on the show Washington Post Live last night. Video was uploaded to KSK, fat jokes by the commentariat ensued. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Johnny Weir was robbed! Robbed, I tells ya! [With Leather]

• Tony Kornheiser has formally apologized for his critical comments regarding Hannah Storm’s sexy wardrobe. [The Big Lead]

• Thanks SportsCenter, for giving air time to an Us Weekly talking head to discuss Tiger Woods. That was helpful [The Sports Hernia Blog]

• My favorite: FCL finishes the headline. Tons of good stuff in this edition. [Food Court Lunch]

• Dorky guy lands a former UFC ring girl and Maxim model as his prom date by uploading videos to YouTube. Nice. [Deuce of Davenport]

• The Twittersphere reacts to Tiger Woods’ speech. [Out of Bounds]

• The LPGA is feeling optimistic about the upcoming golf season. The main reason? None of its star players has been revealed as a sex-crazed horndogger. Yet. I guess what I am implying is Michelle Wie should get in contact with me. [Devil Ball Golf]

• The game of hockey introduces itself to the world, with the assistance of the Vanouver2010 website. [Melt Your Face Off]

• Ben Afflect set to direct film about the true story of when two Yankees swapped wives in the ’70s. [Big League Stew]

• Dog tries to pee on Natalie Portman, causes Weed Against Speed to be jealous of said dog. Come on, like you wouldn’t. [Uncoached]

• Video of Stephen Colbert taking on the Russians in table hockey. [Total Pro Sports]