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Best Idea For A TV Pilot Featuring A Sex-Addicted Caddy Named Tiger Starring Bo Duke Ever

And believe you me, there have been a bevy of pitches to Hollywood hotshots featuring this very same premise, or at the very least something very similar to it.

The cable network Spike TV has optioned a pilot for a show called Back Nine. Utilizing a single-camera approach, Back Nine stars John Schneider a/k/a Bo Duke from The Dukes of Hazzard as a has-been, hard-partying professional golfer named Ronnie Barnes, a former U.S. Open champion who travels the countryside trying to qualify again for the Tour while getting into all sorts of trouble with Tiger, his sex-addicted caddy. The role of Tiger is yet unfilled, but Miguel Nunez, the star of the critically-acclaimed Juwanna Mann, is reportedly up for the part.


Spike put the “Back Nine” script on the fast track almost a year ago. The sex-addict Tiger-named character was part of that early script and preceded by more than a year Woods’ November car crash that opened the floodgates to allegations about his extramarital affairs. Woods is expected to publicly address those allegations for the first time Friday.

God, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during that meet-and-greet.

Writer: “Yeah, so we have this show we’re calling Back Nine about a washed-up golfer trying to get back on Tour.”

Spike TV Executive: “No, that doesn’t sound very appealing.”

Writer: “What if I told you that John Schneider has signed on to star in the project?”

Spike TV Executive: “Still not interested.”

Writer: “How about this? His caddy is named Tiger, is a sex addict, and we are thinking of the guy from Juwanna Mann for the part.”

Spike TV Executive:Juwanna Mann guy, a sex-addicted caddy named Tiger and Bo Duke? Well, sir, say no more. Spike TV wants to be in the Back Nine business!!”

End scene.

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