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Shaun White Headline Fail By The Denver Post


Snow’s White? Really? Come on, headline writers, we don’t expect much, but this is total weaksauce. Even I would be embarrassed of this one and I have no shame whatsoever.

To the headline writers at The Denver Post: I understand it is too late to rectify the epic fail of this headline, but if the opportunity ever presents itself again, I implore you to be a little more creative.

How about, just off the top of my head, this one: Get Ready for a Heavy Dose of White Power

Now that is a headline. That will draw readers into the story.  You know, I just may have missed my calling in life, but I guess for now I’ll stick with my day job: the Midwest’s premier exotic dancer exclusively working the retirement community circuit. The pay isn’t that great, but you should how many hand-knitted potholders I have.

A different side of snow’s White [The Denver Post]