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Bacon Has Never Looked So Championship-Caliber

You could say it would have been a shame to eat such a glorious testament to the magnificence and splendor of bacon, the tastiest (and most sensual) of all the cured meats. But I hope that in the end, so much delectable tastiness didn’t go to waste.

Behold, the Baconized Lombardi Trophy, created by Ben “Sweet Lou” Krout and was submitted to the website BBQ Addicts. It was created for, of course,  a Super Bowl party where I am sure this bacon trophy was a hit.

Kudos to Sweet Lou on his culinary ingenuity, but I would like to see other aspiring food artists try to top this trophy with a creation of their own.  First up, someone – and I suppose it should be a Canadian – should create a Stanley Cup made entirely out of the ingredients used for poutine.  I reckon one could construct the Cup out of fries, using the cheese curds as a glue of sorts and fill the cup itself with the delicious gravy.


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