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Worst. Poll. Ever.

The Fabulous Forum, the sports blog of the Los Angeles Times, is currently conducting several polls in an attempt to ascertain the best sports movie of the past 35 years, at least according to their readers. According to theĀ  results of the polls, they have informally determined the best football movie (Remember The Titans), the best baseball movie (Bull Durham), the best basketball movie (Hoosiers) and the best hockey movie (Slap Shot). Although arguments can be made one way or the other with the top baseball movie and football movie, there are far better films in both genres – for instance, Brian’s Song, even though it came out in 1971 and doesn’t fall within the designated time frame, should be number one simply on principle. All that aside, the most recent poll left me initially scratching my head:

The two best soccer movies of the past 35 years.

Huh? How many mainstream soccer movies have even been made? I can only think of three: Bend It Like Beckham, Kicking and Screaming and the Rodney Dangerfield “classic,” Ladybugs. And these films – other than Bend It Like Beckham – should never be considered the “best” of anything. And if they are selecting two films, that means Ladybugs or Kicking And Screaming are moving on. That’s wrong.

But then I looked at the movies one could vote for and they have eleven soccer-themed movies listed. Obviously, I have never heard of eight of them. Who knew there were so many soccer movies? At the same time, I sincerely doubt they will ever make it into my Netflix queue.

My question is: after soccer, is it their intention to conduct polls for movies about other sports? Because I will tell you this, if Side Out doesn’t get voted as the best beach volleyball movie ever, I’m going to be pissed. What’s not to like about a film starring Peter Horton and C. Thomas Howell?

Poll: What are the two best soccer movies of the last 35 years? [The Fabulous Forum]