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Wait, They Have Bench-Clearing Brawls During Indoor Lacrosse League Games? Cool!

Who knew, huh?

Above is video of a bench-clearing brawl that occurred at the end of the first quarter during a matchup between the Minnesota Swarm and Washington Stealth, two indoor lacrosse teams competing in the National Lacrosse League – the NLL for insiders like me.

At the end of the first quarter, the game’s intensity turned up. Stealth goalie Tyler Richards and Swarm forward Sean Pollock dropped their gloves and started a brawl that cleared both benches.

Pollock was penalized for game misconduct, fighting and roughing infractions and was ejected. Stealth defender Mike Grimes was ejected as well for the bench clearing brawl.

Apparently, fighting is against the rules in the NLL, which kind of stinks but I guess rules are rules. The Swarm went on to beat the Stealth by a score of 16-12, handing Washington their first loss of the season.

Most of you out there probably had no idea there were professional indoor lacrosse leagues to begin with, let alone the fact that in some markets, it is a huge draw. In the case of the Swarm, they play at Xcel Energy Center – the Minnesota Wild’s home arena – and it is not uncommon for games to draw pretty good attendance figures. For instance, Saturday night’s game brought 8,952 fans into the X. I have never been to a Swarm game myself, but from what I’ve heard from folks I’ve spoken with who have attended a game or two, it’s a pretty entertaining evening of athletic competition at a reasonable price.

I do have to admit that the brawl itself left a little to be desired, but what can you expect out of a sport and a league that doesn’t allow fighting? Namby-pambys. LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM FIGHT! LET THEM…ah, you get it.

Video: Minnesota Swarm lacrosse brawl [Star Tribune]