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Rece Davis Wants UW Fans To Attack Digger Phelps This Saturday

Students at the University of Washington, ESPN’s Rece Davis has thrown down the gauntlet, so you better bring it on Saturday when GameDay broadcasts live from Seattle in anticipation of the huge Pac-10 matchup between the Huskies and the Bruins. In fact, he issued “Purple Nation” a challenge:

Davis said “Gonzaga has been great every time we were there. Cal was a trip last year that we will never forget. What do you have for us Purple Nation of U-Dub?”

The Husky Men’s Basketball Blog on The Seattle Times‘ website speculates that this desperate plea by Davis is indication that ESPN has East Coast bias and isn’t too excited about having to make the trek all the way out to the West Coast since no one except the poor souls who are forced to live out there could give a rat’s ass about Pac-10 basketball. What’s the point, right?

Davis also states that everywhere the GameDay show has been this year, they have “seen something unique.” He also mentions the weekend when “Digger got hit in the head by a basketball, and I think we all enjoyed that.”

So there you have it, fans. Rece Davis would like you to brutally attack Digger Phelps. I don’t think he could be any more clear on the subject. Basketballs, water balloons filled with urine, you name it. Just make sure you do it before Digger starts dancing. Again. Please. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for your country.

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