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This Rebuffed Marriage Proposal Video Is The Fakest Fake That Has Ever Faked

I’m calling bullshit on this Valentine’s Day proposal stunt.

You have seen these a million times before: guy proposes to gal on jumbotron and she happily accepts. Becoming all too frequent now is the girl running off in embarrassment, much to the guy’s chagrin/horror.

During Sunday’s game between the Rangers and Lightning at Madison Square Garden, two yahoos tried to pull it off with less than convincing results.

“Melissa, will you be my Blueshirt bride? Love, Nick,” read the message on the scoreboard, bordered by little hearts. With the stadium — and Nick — watching Melissa put her hand over her mouth in apparent horror, picked up her bag and walked out, shaking her head.

Melissa was showered with boos as she left and the Rangers went on to blow away the Tampa Bay Lightning, 5-2.

Video after the jump.

No friggin’ way that is real. Even Garden employees are calling shenanigans.

The Bergen Record newspaper in New Jersey says two Garden sources claim it was all a stunt, although stadium officials thought the proposal was real when they put it on the big screen.

People who try pulling off publicity stunts like this should be subjected to horrible, horrible things as a consequence for their ill-conceived grasps at notoriety. I mean, these kind of people are the worst of the worst – even more deplorable than those assholes in NASA who faked the moon landing.

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