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Plot To Assassinate Peggy Fleming Nearly A Success

It’s going to take more than a “car accident” to take out a tough old broad like Peggy Fleming, fools.

Fleming, the figure skating legend who won Olympic gold in 1968, sustained minor injuries when a van she was riding in as part of Vice President Joe Biden’s motorcade was involved in an accident. Former U.S. bobsledder Vonetta Flowers was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash.

The women were traveling between Olympic events in Biden’s motorcade when their van was rear-ended, officials said.

Biden’s car was not involved.

Fleming and Flowers were taken to a hospital for evaluation and released. They later attended the figure-skating competition, sitting in the row in front of Biden.

Hmmm, interesting. But who would want Peggy Fleming dead? And why? What does she know and why is that information so dangerous? And how far up does this conspiracy go? The questions only create more questions and the answers to those questions that are questioned only leave me questioning the answers, if they are in fact answers. This case is like peeling an onion, layer by layer. There is no telling what might be uncovered if someone decides to poke around and ask tough questions.

But that person, thankfully, will not be me. I was previously assigned to another Olympics mystery before this story broke that is leaving me far too busy to concern myself with a botched assassination attempt. An enigma so heinous that if I told you anything about it, I would have to kill you. Or, at the very least, politely ask you not to tell anyone.

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