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Norwegian Curling Team Get Their Pants From Same Company As John Daly

No really, it’s true.

The Norwegian curling team drew some curious looks from onlookers when they showed up for a training session on Sunday wearing pants purchased from Loudmouth Golf, the very same California-based company that outfits John Daly with his retina-scorching trousers.

The Norwegian team originally planned to wear the outfit for training, but considering the rock star status that curlers have enjoyed thus far in Vancouver it might become permanent.

“There are no rules against the pants, but there may be after this,” said the aforementioned flashy-dressing Second Christoffer Svae.

Although the WCF (World Curling Federation) is working on one, it does not currently have a dress code implemented, so it looks like the Norwegian curlers will be styling during their matches. Awesome. Personally, I see no problem with curlers bringing a little style (or lack thereof, depending on your view) to competition. Anything to get curling mentioned is good publicity for the sport. My only concern is that the pants might have some sort of negative psychological impact on the curlers. The last thing these Norwegians need is to develop an addiction to white trash women, Diet Coke and Marlboros.

You know, on second thought, Daly really isn’t a bad  person to emulate, in many ways. I know I do, and look at all the good it has done me.

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