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What’s This? Another Gorgeous Winter Olympian?

You would have thought by now, through my intrepid sleuthing abilities/compulsion, I would have discovered one Magdalena Neuner, a 23-year-old comely biathlete for the dominant German team long ago. None such luck, but better late than never, I guess.

Given that the biathlon is the most popular winter sport in Germany, young Miss Neuner is a rapidly rising star in her homeland. She was named the Female Athlete of the Year in both 2007 and 2008 by the national coaches of the World Cup teams.

I will be blunt: I know jack squat about the biathlon, but from what I gather from this article, the Germans are set up to dominate the biathlon, with multiple previous gold medal winners and four members of the team are among the favorites to win gold in Vancouver.

Among the other bits of information I gleaned from her Wikipedia page (so you know it must be true), she is also a big-time knitter, even having her own knitting blog. A blogger? Shazam!

One thing I do know about biathlon without the benefits of Wikipedia is that it combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, so the fact that she is also a markswoman that could blow your head clean off from over 150 feet away only makes her more attractive – in an intimidating way, I guess.

Although she has struggled recently, Neuner appears confident and ready to make a go of it.

“I am very happy with my preparations and I am pleased with my first few practices here – what can go wrong?” she said with a smile.

Indeed. What could go wrong? Hopefully, nothing at all but one thing that has gone wrong already involving Neuner – she apparently turned down an offer in 2007 to appear in the German version of Playboy. Hurensohn! That’s German for son of a bitch. See, we’re entertaining as well as informative here at the Sportress! Okay, just informative. Sometimes.

German pin-up Neuner gunning for Olympic gold [CTV]