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The Resemblence Is Uncanny

So long, Flying Tomato moniker, bring on the Animal.

Shaun White is ditching his previous nickname and would prefer people to refer to him as “Animal.”

“Apparently I resemble the drummer from the Muppets so ‘Animal’ has become my thing here,” said White, referring to the crazed drummer of the band on the Muppet Show.

White said he thought “Flying Tomato,” the moniker he picked up when he soared to victory at the 2006 Olympics, was now “dead in the water.”

“I guess I’m deemed Shaun ‘Animal’ White,” the snowboarder told a news conference, pushing back his long mane of thick red hair.

He must assuredly does resemble the skins smasher for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, which despite the fact that it is a name of a band from The Muppets, might be one of the most kick-ass names for a musical group ever.

White’s “new” handle has actually been around for some time, back to at least 2007 according to this video, so it’s not like it’s groundbreaking stuff here, although I definitely prefer “The Animal” to “Flying Tomato,” which to me sounds more like a cheesy reference to the 1978 B-Movie, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes than anything.

With the Winter Olympics set to launch tonight with an over-the-top opening ceremony, I suppose this will be the last you hear about White’s new nickname, because stuff like that is rarely overdone during Olympics coverage.

Without a doubt, “The Animal” is a badass homage to a great character – way better than what I came up with for a puppet-themed name for people to call me: Gary Gnu. People don’t even get it, man. Bogus.

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