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Meet The Winter Olympics Odd Couple!

One’s a glamorous girl, one is a glamorous, possibly maybe could be probably gay (or fancy?) boy, and when these two divas get together, madcap hilarity is sure to ensue! Talk about a quintessential odd couple, amirite? Jack Klugman and Tony Randall got nothing on this wacky pair.

That’s right, Tanith Belbin and Johnny Weir will be  shacking up together as roommates during the Vancouver games and one can only imagine the trouble these two are going to get into.

Hijinks aside, Weir, to his credit, wants to ensure Belbin feels comfortable sharing their two bedroom apartment in Olympic Village.

“I have candles lit all the time,” Weir said after his first practice Thursday. “I’m just going to make sure everything smells nice. … I’m going to buy pink bath mats for the room for us.”

Ah yes, pink. The color of coziness. You know, on second thought, these two aren’t such an odd couple after all. Maybe, in keeping with the situation comedy theme,  the duo are more like Joey and Chandler. Wait. Monica and Rachel might be a better comparison.

Weir is very happy to be rooming with a person who shares his sensibilities for style and comfort.

“If you didn’t know, I’m a bit of a diva when it comes to my living situation. I think she’s the best roommate I could ask for. It’s going to be easy. I definitely couldn’t room with one of the boys,” he said with a laugh.

Sure you couldn’t, Johnny. Stupid, smelly boys. My only concern: is Tanith a huge Lady Gaga fan? She better be.

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