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Please Let This Devolve Into A Sexy Catfight: Bar Refaeli Is Jealous Of Brooklyn Decker’s Swimsuit Issue Cover


The gossips have the rumor mill running at full tilt after news surfaced indicating that Bar Refaeli is insanely envious of Brooklyn Decker and looked “miserable” at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue party Tuesday night at the Gansevoort Hotel’s club Provocateur in NewYork City.

“She had a scowl on her face and wouldn’t even look up for photographers who had been waiting for hours in the freezing cold outside,” our spy says.

“She even walked right by fans who were pleading for her to sign her past issues of Sports Illustrated.


More dish from the Daily News’ gossip column Gatecrasher’s “spy”¬† (ooh! I feel just like a gossip columnist, without all the self-loathing), who reported that Bar only agreed to sign autographs after she heard that Brooklyn was happily signing some:

“Bar then turned around, begrudgingly retraced her steps and agreed to do the same. But she still looked pretty miserable throughout the night.”

“After pictures of Bar’s shoot were leaked on the Internet, a lot of people thought it would be her,” an insider dished of the stunner, who made her SI debut in 2007 and covered the mag in 2009. “Two years in a row would have been a huge accomplishment for her. It makes sense that she would be disappointed.”

Yes, it certainly is a hard knock life for Miss Refaeli. Fame, fortune, the works – but not the cover! Damn, damn, damn! Oh well, sometimes life just isn’t fair. But the level of disappointment Refaeli is feeling right now does not hold a candle to the sense of dread I am currently experiencing worrying that these two beauties won’t agree to settle their sexy differences with a heavily-baby-oiled, pay-per-view, down-and-dirty gropefest. Tastefully done, of course- just like the Swimsuit Issue. Crap, I’d skip my mortgage payment to order up that erotic spectacle. And hey, my guess is veteran boxing announcer Jim Lampley would jump at the opportunity to call all the oily action. Literally jump at it – that restraining-order-violating¬† horndogger would likely jump right into the middle of it. But at the same time, I guess we could hardly blame him.

Better yet, we could have a Battle To The Death Cage Match (with medieval weapons, of course) between Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Roddick, the sultry swimsuit models’ beaus, as the undercard to what I have dubbed the “Sexy Toil in the Baby Oil.” Only in America!

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