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Mark Cuban Is Back On The Crazy Pills

In a recent interview with CBS Sports columnist Mike Freeman, Mark Cuban was his usual self, as in being provocative and insightful one moment and self-serving and batshit crazy the next. One answer Cuban gave certainly fell into the latter category:

Freeman: Can the NBA ever be as popular as the NFL?

Cuban: Absolutely. Sports go in cycles.


Freeman: Lastly, are you happy?

Cuban: Every day. When I die, I want to come back as me.

Alright then. On the first one, I understand that Mark Cuban often times enjoys the sound of his own voice and will simply say shit just to be controversial and to get attention, but really? The NBA can be as popular as the NFL? First of all, ain’t never going to happen. Secondly, ain’t ever going to happen. Nice try, Mark Cuban.

And on the last answer, come on, Cuban! The belief in the transmigration of the spirit where the soul moves from body to body in an eternal birth-death-birth cycle is an absurd concept at best made even more ridiculous by Cuban’s notion that he could actually come back as himself. And further, we all know that if reincarnation were in fact a legitimate theological construct, Mark Cuban would most likely come back as a moderately successful Dairy Queen franchisee.

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