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Jay Mariotti Is A Lying Liar With His Pants On Fire

I suppose you don’t need me to tell you to not even bother reading Jay Mariotti’s recent piss-poor column where he laments the potential loss of Lindsey Vonn from the Winter Olympics. It is a typical column with the usual Mariotti-esque insights – here’s an example: a Vonn-less Olympics would be like a “the Super Bowl without Drew Brees and the World Series without Derek Jeter.”  Really? I can confidently state that there are millions of baseball fans who would prefer watching a World Series without Derek Jeter’s stately presence, not to mention five fanbases from NFC playoff teams who would have gladly watched their team in the Super Bowl instead of Drew Brees, despite the great story surrounding the Saints.

But I digress. It is a colossal waste of time to quibble any further over such trivial matters as the one above. I simply wish to highlight this one passage from his column on Vonn that once again exposes him as the dishonest, misrepresenting, sanctimonious phony that he is:

She is on too many magazine covers to count, including an SI photo that drew criticism because of its sexually provocative nature. Personally, I don’t want to look at her pictures. I want to watch her ski. And, sadly, it might not happen.

Yeah, whatever. How high-minded of him. Mariotti, as we all know, would never defile his pristine ethics and journalistic integrity by gawking at Lindsey Vonn’s Swimsuit Issue photos – shamefully filled with self-contempt as he lustily leers at the pictorial, his mouth agape with hand stuffed down his pants – at least in public.

But we all know the truth about Jay. My only surprise after reading this drivel was that he didn’t see fit to seize the opportunity to raise himself above the fray by taking a shot at his low-minded, ham-fisted blogger brethren. Because that’s all he is now since he apparently cannot secure employment in real journalism:

Jay Mariotti, Celebrity Blogger.

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