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Ferocious Beasts Are Emerging From The Wilderness And Taking Over The Olympics!

GAH! Run for your lives! It’s a lynx! Or a bobcat, depending on which story you read about its appearance at Whistler Creek during training for the men’s downhill. And if you can refer to the animal as both, how about we stick with lynx? Bobcat brings up uncomfortable images of loudmouthed, squealing comedians who may or may not be dead. Really, is that guy still alive even?

The animal was previously sighted over by the Whistler Sliding Centre and are quite common in the Whistler area.

“That was all planned. It’s to show people Canadian nature,” said Mike Kertesz, the International Ski Federation official in charge of the finish area.

Ha ha, real funny. Experts say the bigger risk would likely be a skier colliding with the wild cat as opposed to the beast becoming aggressive and attacking a competitor or a fan, but that’s easy for them to say from their Ivory Towers of Academia, protected from the deadly claws and razor-sharp fangs of the manhunter.

Well, whatever. I’m sure things will work out just fine. The Canadians are a hearty people and will not allow a ferocious beast interfere with the Olympic Games. Although I am wondering what is bringing out the notoriously shy animal from its hiding spot. Maybe it is the pungent aroma of the stinky cheese Lindsey Vonn is using to treat her injured shin.

Hey, it could happen.

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