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This Coupling Would Have Been The Best ‘If They Mated’ Conan O’Brien Bit Ever

Unfortunately, that is not the reason that these two Winter Olympics superstars are paired together in a recent story. But if if I could have somehow harnessed the technology necessary to perform an “If They Mated” test with these two, we would hit most certainly hit comedic gold.

No, South Korea’s figure skating darling Kim Yu-Na and American snowboarding sensation Shaun White have not been romantically linked. They are, however, tied for first place on a recent list by Forbes ranking the highest-earning Olympic athletes (excluding salaried professional athletes like hockey players of course). Both earned a whopping $8 million last year.

White, known to many as “The Flying Tomato” because of his long red hair, is a favorite to repeat as a gold medalist at the Winter Games in Vancouver this month. Among his sponsors are such companies as Target Corp, Red Bull, Oakley and AT&T Inc.

Kim, the reigning world champion and known as “Queen Yu-na,” is South Korea’s hope for its first figure skating gold medal. The 19-year-old’s sponsors include Hyundai Motor Co, Procter & Gamble Co and Nike Inc. Forbes previously named her the most powerful celebrity in South Korea for 2009.

Forbes based their rankings on “earnings derived from prize money, endorsements, licensing income and bonuses in 2009 and does not deduct for taxes or agents’ fees.”

But $8 million is still a ton of scratch for even a professional hockey player, so the young Shaun White and even younger still Kim Yu-Na, aged 23 and 19 respectively, are sitting pretty well financially. No word on whether Mr. White or Miss Yu-Na are currently attached, so all of you aspiring golddiggers out there should definitely give it a shot and see if you have what it takes to make either of these Olympians happy.

Okay, let’s be honest,  none of you have a chance in hell, but wouldn’t it have been cool if you did?

(On a side note, isn’t it lame that NBC has taken down Conan’s “If They Mated” archive? If anyone knows where you can still view them, lemme know.)

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