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The White Stripes Went To War With The Air Force Over A Super Bowl Ad And Won

Take that, U.S. military-industrial complex!

The United States Air Force, due to pressure exerted upon them by the White Stripes, has agreed to pull a commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLIV which featured a song that sounded suspiciously like the White Stripes song, “Fell In Love With A Girl.” So much so, the commercial in question prompted White Stripes and their management to issue a statement on the band’s website condemning the use of their song which¬† included the controversial commercial next to the video for “Fell In Love With A Girl.”

Below is a screencap of the statement that is still up on the White Stripes’ official site:

The video of the commercial is no longer viewable on either site, but I located a grainy version of the commercial on YouTube:

And below is the video for “Fell In Love With A Girl” (judge for yourself if they are similar):

I’m not sure how you feel, but that sounds pretty much exactly the same to me.

Despite agreeing to pull the ad, the Air Force has refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing. From a statement on the subject that can be found on the Official Website of the U.S. Air Force:

“The Air Force Reserve commissioned an original piece of music for its one-time, 30-second Super Bowl regional advertisement,” said Lt. Col. Leslie Pratt, Air Force Reserve Command director of public affairs. “As soon as we realized there was a question about our ad, we immediately pulled it and have no plan to re-use it. Our goal was only to attract the best and brightest Americans to become Citizen Airmen.”

The official statement proceeds to somewhat lay the blame on their advertising agency, Blaine Warren Advertising LLC, who hired some company named Fast Forward Music to compose the music for the totally gnarly commercial.

In the end, I suppose we should all be grateful that the military hasn’t yet developed an advertising plan akin to the one from The Simpsons, The Party Posse and “Yvan eht Nioj.” Drop da bomb!

Congratulations to Jack and Meg, as well as their management team, for their efforts to protect their right to control how, when and by whom their music is used. If I could only suggest one thing to the White Stripes, it would be that I hope their next move would involve preventing every college marching band from playing “Seven Nation Army” over and over and over every goddamn game. That little bit is getting beyond annoying.

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