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The NFL Network Must Be Desperate For Stuff To Broadcast

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? With all the footage available to the NFL Network, their decision sign a one-year agreement to broadcast games from AF1, the new arena football league, is a curious one at best.

The NFL Network will provide the on-air talent. The league’s games will be aired live on Friday nights from 8 to 11 p.m. ET beginning April 2 through the league’s championship game in late August. The AF1 game on April 23 will be pre-empted by the network’s draft coverage.

Charles Coplin, vice president of programming for the NFL, said the deal made sense for the NFL Network, which has expanded beyond NFL programming by covering college football games.

“We embrace football at all levels,” Coplin said. “This spring schedule gives us a weekly live game featuring some players who may eventually play in the NFL.”

The NFL Network also cites the fact that AF1’s season is held in the spring, when there is a dearth of activity involving the NFL. Still, I would imagine that the NFL Network has access to all that awesome NFL Films footage. They can’t figure out a way to package that stuff into compelling television? If they cannot or are unwilling to, they should let me run the programming over there for a week or two and see how it works out I guarantee what I put on the air will garner better ratings than some random AF1 games are likely to get.

Crap, a two-hour documentary consisting of NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger doing creepy shit with that deformed finger of his would probably fare better.

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