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Rex Ryan’s Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The…Rink?

Some things you cannot unsee, and Rex Ryan’s ample, pasty gut is one of those.

Rex Ryan was among those in attendance at the Carolina Hurricanes-Florida Panthers game in Raleigh last night. Not usually the kind of guy who likes to draw attention to himself, Ryan inexplicably showed up in a Philadelphia Flyers sweater. Someone at the arena noticed the pleasantly plump coach and sent some ice girls down to where Ryan was seated and suggested he change out of the Flyers sweater into the more regionally appropriate Panthers sweater. Of course, Ryan was more than happy to oblige, providing a bit of a flabby peep show along the way to our collective horror.


All I am reminded of after looking at that photo is when Homer takes the cannonball to the gut during the Homerpalooza episode. Yeesh.

Rex Ryan’s Rather Unfortunate In-Game Wardrobe Change [Update] [The Big Lead (via @joeovies)]