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In Which I Reveal My Nefarious Plan To Have Relations With Michelle Wie In An Extremely Uncomfortable Place

I know what you’re thinking, “What… like the back of a Kia?” And to that I would likely respond with a “Well played,” or “How did you know?” or “Huh? Don’t you mean Volkswagen?”

Yes, it may have taken a lot of words and some slight alterations to the original joke to get the resulting punchline, but I am confident that you will agree with me it was all worth it in the end.

You see, Wie just signed an endorsement deal with the aforementioned Kia. The automaker will also sponsor a tournament on the LPGA Tour, the Kia Classic, which will be held at the La Costa Resort near San Diego March 25-28.

The news that Wie has signed on for yet another sponsorship is certainly additional evidence of the career upswing Wie has been enjoying since earning her first tour victory last November. It is also an incredibly encouraging sign for the LPGA, who, like the PGA Tour, is cash-starved for sponsors. But I believe the real story here is my ability to riff on and pull off a sweet-ass Mallrats reference.

No, that’s okay. A round of applause is not necessary. I wouldn’t be able to hear you anyway.

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