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Sidney Crosby Ad Voted Most Entertaining NHL Commercial By A Bunch Of Neo Maxi Zoom Dweebies

A Sidney Crosby commercial featuring him and Max Talbot shooting pucks into the Crosby family’s “famous” dryer was voted the most entertaining NHL-themed commercial according to an online vote on

Apologies for all the haterade, but try as I might, I cannot bring myself to like, let alone tolerate, that jerkoff. People often refer to him as the “Face of the NHL” but why would any league want that whiny, sniveling, sourpuss-faced petulant little turd as their poster boy? Is anybody else with me on this or am I my own on this one?

Enough with my rant, here’s the gist of the commercial:

The ad, for Reebok’s Speedwick performance T-shirts, features Crosby and Talbot in a contest to see who can shoot nine pucks into the dryer first. The always-entertaining Talbot takes an early lead, but Crosby comes back to win, with him scoring the final goal with his eyes closed.

Talbot does get a bit of his credibility back when he asks Crosby, “How many goals did you score in Game 7 (of the 2009 Stanley Cup Final)? I got two.”

Zing! Video of the Crosby-Talbot commercial as well as the one that in my opinion should have won after the jump.

Alright, that’s not a bad commercial, save for Crosby’s presence. A commercial featuring Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player came in second.

The ad, for Verizon VCast, features a number of players from both teams, and ends with Ovechkin beating Ray Emery to score into the front end of a bulldozer being used as a goal.

In case you haven’t seen it, here it is:

And in third place, the ad I believe should have won: a Geico commercial featuring Capitals defenseman Mike Green and a caveman.

Classic! And why do I like this one? Because Geico cavemen are hilarious, of course. Duh. I still can’t believe ABC canceled their sit-com. Lame. Almost as lame as at lame-o Sidney “The Lamemaster” Crosby.

Crosby/Talbot have best advertisement []