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No One Will Begrudge Me For Posting This Lindsey Vonn Swimsuit Issue Photo Gallery, Right?

Crap, we might as well make this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Day here on the Sportress. It’s not like anything else is going on.

With her star-marking turn as the cover girl of Sports Illustrated‘s Winter Olympics preview issue and now her photo spread for the periodical’s Swimsuit Issue, to say that Lindsey Vonn is poised to take over the world would be an understatement. Hopefully, there will be enough snow in Vancouver when the Olympics kick-off so Vonn can also demonstrate that she is so much more than an athlete who just happens to be very attractive as there is no reason to believe that Vonn will not dominate her events in Vancouver.

Photo gallery and video after the jump.

The photo shoot, which was done last July over a day-and-a-half period and despite being more work than she thought it would be, was nevertheless a thrill for Vonn.

“I was honored that they asked me,” Vonn said last week. “I immediately thought of some of the other athletes who have posed in the magazine, like Maria Sharapova. The pictures were always classy, they always looked really awesome. It made me feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing, knowing they had shot other athletes. It was a good opportunity for me to show everyone what I actually look like, because I’m always wearing a helmet when I compete.

“It was important to me that I was being photographed as an athlete,” Vonn continued. “All the athletes I’ve seen in the issue have looked great.”

Nice. If you require any further documentation, her entire gallery can be found here.

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