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Kansas Jayhawk Brady Morningstar: ‘Wet Balls Are Slippery’

That’s what she said.

In last night’s Kansas-Texas showdown and with the game well in hand late in the second half, Kansas guard Brady Morningstar stepped to the line to shoot a free throw resulting from a technical. What happened next, as you can see above, is one of the worst free throw attempts in the history of organized basketball. Abner Doubleday is probably rolling over in his grave…….

Of course, it was because of a wet ball. Boy, if I had a nickel…

“The ball was wet. It slipped on the way up. I was so confused. I could have caught it and came down with it, but I’d have stepped on the line. I tried to shoot a little jump shot so I didn’t cross the line,” Morningstar said.

“I looked pretty stupid there,” he added. “We laughed about it in the locker room just now.”

If the name Brady Morningstar is ringing a bell, it is not solely because of its inherent awesomeness or total lameness, depending on whether you are mulling over the name Morningstar or the name Brady (I’ll let you figure out which one is awesome). Some of you may recall that Morningstar got into a little trouble in October of last year when he was suspended for the first semester due to a drunken driving arrest – Morningstar’s first game back for the Jayhawks was December 19th against Michigan and he missed a total of nine games. With that in mind, his embarrassing free throw attempt could either be attributed to a bout of DTs or the fact he just doesn’t have a lot of experience handling wet balls.

I’m going to hedge my bets and go with DTs. His name is Brady, for Pete’s sake. I am also going to hedge by bets and guess that some moron is going to call me on the Doubleday reference without reading the entire post. That’ll learn ’em.

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