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Wing Bowl 18 In Philly Appears To Have All The Trappings Of A Rip-Roaring Yet Traumatizing Experience

Wing, Wing, Wingadelphia! Wing, Wing, Wingadelphia!

Being of the mind and upbringing of the humble, simple-minded folk up here in the Midwest, I have never been out east for the opportunity to experience what by all appearances seems to be the psychologically-scarring experience of attending a Wing Bowl in Philadelphia.

In its 18th year, it appears that the Wing Bowl intends to up the ante every time it comes around – becoming a more drunken, more debaucherous, more scandalous  display of all that makes Philadelphia the great city it is reputed to be.

In case you are curious, Jonathan “Super” Squibb successfully defended his title earlier this morning at the Wachovia Center.

Jonathan “Super” Squibb, a skinny 24-year-old from Winslow Township, N.J., ate 238 wings in 30 minutes to set up a wing-off in next year’s event with a previous three-time champion, Joey Chestnut of San Jose, Calif., a professional eater.

Squibb finished three wings short of Chestnut’s record 241 wings in the 2008 event. Wing Bowl, closed the past two years to professional eaters, will welcome them next year, setting up the showdown.

Super Squibb, as he is known, got off to a torrid pace, eating 126 wings in the opening 14-minute round, on his way to slamming his 28 competitors, including Not Rich, Cheesecake Beefcake and Hot Pockets.

With nicknames like that, you have to assume these guys are real stand-up fellas.

Since photos will paint a better picture than any words I can come up with to illustrate what exactly transpired in Philly this morning, I have taken the liberty of preparing a photo essay by culling a few photos from the event from Of course, there are many, many more photos to be seen, and you can find those here and here. You can also see footage of interviews from the event, featuring porn star Mary Carey and Sex for World Series tickets hoochie-mama Susan Finkelstein here.

After the jump, what I found to be the most, um, illustrative photos from the event. Enjoy, but you’ve been warned.

Check out Squibb’s championship ring. Nice (he also won a truck).

As mentioned above, a virtual who’s who of, ahem, celebrities showed up for the spectacle.

Hey look! It’s Susan Finkelstein! And she’s making light of the fact that she’s nothing more than a total whore! Hey, her attorney said it, not me.

And the douchetards from Jersey Shore showed up, so you know they were only letting in A-Listers.

Below, time-lapse footage of one competitor’s descent into wing-fueled madness. Terrifying. Simply terrifying.

Professor, what’s another word for pirate treasure?

I think it’s booty…



That’s what it is.

On the other hand, I don’t know what this exactly, but I know I like it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an event in Philadelphia without fighting.

Finally, I believe this photo says it all.


There are photos below in the gallery, including some of the competitors in action (they’re disgusting to look at, trust me), and you can always see more on

The horror…the horror…

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