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To Be Fair, 1991 Was A Different Time When It Came To How We Referred To Mentally-Challenged People

Great find by Jamie Mottram over at Mr. Irrelevant: above is a portion of the profile for Washington QB Stan Humphries from the 1991 Redskins press guide. In the “up close” section, it highlights one of Humphries’ charitable endeavors: a golf tournament that benefits the “Retarded Citizens of Prince William County, Virginia.”


We now understand that referring to people as “retarded”  isn’t the most politically correct way to address mentally-challenged people. Remember, in 1991, it was also considered socially acceptable to wear flannel shirts and Doc Martens. So I guess what I am saying is, at least he was doing something to help, and as Mr. Mottram points out, Humphries is still a guiding force behind charitable golf tournaments, although now the event is hosted by Drew Brees and there is nary a mention of anything regarding retarded citizens, which is good in its own right.

Back in 1991, Stan Humphries Had a ‘Golf Tournament to Benefit Retarded Citizens’ [Mr. Irrelevant]