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Joe Theismann Is One Magnificent A**hole

I know. Shocking, right?

For some reason or another, there are some people out there who still want to hear what Joe Theismann thinks about stuff. Theismann (hilariously photographed above with former teammate Mark Moseley) was making his rounds up and down Radio Row (I can imagine him saying crap like, “Hey, want to interview me? No? Do you know who I am? I used to be somebody!”) when Joe found unwitting victim willing to interview him, Mike Dempsey of Jacksonville radio station 1010XL.

The topic of Tim Tebow came up, because, well, how can you possibly have a discussion about football without talking about Tim Tebow? Bitter Old Man Theismann opined that Jesus’ favorite quarterback (sorry, Kurt Warner – it is what it is) should have retired from football with his sterling athletic reputation intact.

Joe Theismann, you ignorant slut.

Via Pro Football Talk:

“Rock star status preserved,” Theismann said.

“Obviously at Florida they don’t teach throwing the football,” Theismann opined in explaining that Tebow’s mechanics are “poor.”¬† Theismann also said that Urban Meyer and his staff have “no clue” regarding the process for preparing a quarterback to play “at the next level.”

Whammy! But here’s the rub, Joey – I know this is only one component on whether or not Tebow should pursue a career in professional football, but answer me this: why would St. Tebow – or anyone, for that matter – in their right mind walk away from a football career when there is a possibility there could be money left on the table?

I’m not here to discuss the possibility of Tebow actually making it in the NFL – although I will say the odds are slim – but why would he not take the chance that some team would take¬† a flier on him? We all know that Tebow is too pious and honorable to do something just for the money, but do you know how many Third World kids he could circumcise with the money he would earn from a modest NFL signing bonus?

Lots of them. Lots and lots of circumcisions. And really, isn’t that what it’s all about? Circumcisions for the less fortunate? I think so.

Further, Joe Theismann can go to hell. There’s no way Tebow will put in a good word for him now.

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