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An Urgent Message For Michelle Wie: It’s Time To Bring The Sexy Back On Your Blog

From time to time, and only as a service to my devoted readers, I take a moment to check on the life and times of Michelle Wie on her blog, Black Flamingo. And while I enjoy reading about the things that she randomly loves right now, I have to admit I have been left a bit disappointed as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I found her post containing a recipe for dairy-free and egg-free cookies immensely fascinating as well as informative (she’s “allergic to dairy and eggs among ALOT of other things,” don’t ya know), Miss Wie’s recent blog posts have caused me to reminisce about when I first discovered her blog way back in September of last year and first feasted my eyes on the provocative photo below:

Now that’s blogworthy stuff right there, people.

As some of you might recall from my earlier post on the subject, Miss Wie even provides instructions on how to make this outfit on your own. Nevertheless, as I have mentioned above, her recent submissions have lacked the titillating qualities of some of her earlier work. Sure, she has uploaded photos of her and friend taking in a Stanford football game (she was briefly enrolled there at one point)…

…as well as a photo or two of one of her attractive friends “rocking floral headphones”

…but it’s just not quite doing it for me – I mean us. Remember, this is all for you guys.

So, Michelle, if you are somehow reading this, please seriously consider our desperate plea: bring back the sexy. The fate of the blogosphere depends on it. You are our only hope.