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Hubba-Hubba: Lindsey Vonn Is The Cover Girl For S.I.’s Olympic Preview Edition

Setting aside for a moment her incredible skill and the near certainty that she will completely dominate the Alpine Skiing events when the Winter Olympics kick off in Vancouver in a few weeks, that Lindsey Vonn is one piece of ayse. What I wouldn’t give to pack her slopes, if you catch my drift.

Ha. Drift. Also, by “pack her slopes,” I of course mean I would like to ensure that the racing conditions during her events are the most pristine they can possibly be.

Ah man, I’m just schussing ya. In all likelihood, if I were ever given the opportunity, I would overshoot, catch an edge and end up totally humiliated due to my prerelease.

Wait, I know you are probably asking yourself right now: is this goofball talking about skiiing stillĀ  or something else entirely. And to be perfectly honest with you, I’m not so sure myself anymore.

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