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The NHL Doesn’t Care About Black People


In one of the most insensitive moves I have seen in some time, the National Hockey League has horned in on Black History Month by designating the month of February as Hockey Is For Everyone Month.

I mean, come on, right? Why did the NHL have to pick February? Couldn’t they have left February well enough alone and allow Black History its own month?

For shame, NHL. Read on:

For the 12th year, the National Hockey League, in honor of Black History Month, has designated February Hockey is for Everyone Month to celebrate and promote the growing diversity of the game of hockey.

Throughout the month, the NHL, its member clubs, current and former players and affiliated youth organizations will host numerous activities to raise awareness of the NHL’s Hockey is for Everyone initiative and its commitment to offering children of all backgrounds opportunities to play hockey.

A second PSA celebrates Black History Month and showcases the history of black players in the NHL, from Willie O’Ree’s debut in 1958 to current players such as Kane, Los Angeles Kings forward Wayne Simmonds and Chicago Blackhawks forward Dustin Byfuglien.

Uh-oh, SpaghettiO’s. I guess I might have jumped the gun with this one. Maybe next time, I’ll read the entire article instead of just the headline before castigating the wonderful organization that is the National Hockey League.

But it sure made for a provocative headline, huh? And to be honest, I knew the facts all along, I was just trying to be intriguing.

Nevertheless, that little headline is sure to generate some page views without a doubt. And it’s not like it matters – no one reads this drivel anyway.

February designated Hockey is for Everyone Month []