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Rex Ryan: ‘Can You Hear This? Want Me To Turn It Up?’

rex ryan

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was in Miami over the weekend, in town to pay a visit to Jets players participating in the Pro Bowl. He had a little down time, so on Saturday he decided to take in a little mixed martial arts action and attend the Strikeforce event which featured Herschel Walker’s MMA debut that evening. Of course, being in Miami, many Dolphins fans were in attendance and didn’t appreciate Ryan getting the attention on their home turf booed the Jets coach lustily during a taped interview segment. Ryan, the gregarious guy that he is, elected to inform them during the interview (video after the jump) that the Jets would beat the Dolphins twice next season. Of course, the fans didn’t take to kindly to that, either.

A relatively innocuous jab, but the barb obviously didn’t ingratiate Ryan to the Miami crowd and Ryan also was more than happy to give some very lucky fans a wave of his middle finger, which I believe is a friendly gesture in some parts of the world. Perhaps Ryan thought he was traveling abroad – who knows?

Of course, Ryan had to apologize for his “despicable” behavior, because if a person doesn’t apologize for anything and everything they might have done that could have possibly offended even the smallest group of people, there’s going to be trouble.

“It was stupid and inappropriate,” Ryan said in the statement. “I wouldn’t accept that type of behavior from one of the coaches or players and it’s unacceptable from me. I apologize to the Jets organization, the National Football League and NFL fans everywhere.”

So that should just about put the baby to bed, right? Nope. Of course, the No Fun League is likely contemplating penalizing Ryan with a  fine of some sort, because, hey, they can.

I don’t know, I like the guy and since when is a little good-natured ribbing between two rivals such a bad thing? Get over it.

By the way, in case some of you didn’t notice it, the title of this post is of course a nod to The Breakfast Club and John Bender’s sarcastic response to Andrew Clark’s threat to “waste” him.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Coach Ryan has ever taped someone’s butt cheeks together. I bet he has.

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