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Punxsutawney Polamalu Will Haunt Your Dreams, Make Your Blood Run Cold


GAH! Kill it! Kill the miniature little bastard!

I’m not sure how much thought went into this grand idea, but above is a photo still from a commercial promoting truTV’s upcoming new series, NFL Full Contact that will air next Sunday during the second quarter of the Super Bowl.

After the jump, an excerpt from truTV’s press release and a sneak peek at the commercial. Come along…if you dare!

First, before we get to the nightmare fuel, here is a portion of the press release:

truTV Unveils Super Bowl Spot with Troy Polamalu

Ad Focuses on Groundhog Day and New Series NFL FULL CONTACT, Which Will Bring Fans Six More Weeks of Football

truTV is revealing its first-ever Super Bowl ad today, giving viewers an early glimpse at how the network will bring NFL fans what they’ve always wanted – six more weeks of football. The Groundhog Day-themed spot features Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The ad promotes the new truTV series NFL FULL CONTACT, which premieres the day after the Super Bowl: Monday, Feb. 8, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT).

“A Super Bowl ad puts truTV in front of the biggest television audience of the year,” said Marc Juris, executive vice president and general manager of truTV/In Session. “It’s a great way to attract new fans to the network and introduce them to NFL FULL CONTACT, a show that will give viewers unique access to the real people behind six of the NFL’s largest events.”

In the ad, Troy plays the role of “Punxsutawney Polamalu.” After he sees his shadow, a proclamation of six more weeks of football is declared with truTV’s upcoming series NFL FULL CONTACT. “There are a lot of NFL stars, but only Troy was a perfect fit for this spot,” Juris said. “You’ll see why when you watch the ad.”

Produced by NFL Films, NFL FULL CONTACT provides a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to stage many of the spectacles that go into an exciting NFL season.

truTV’s Super Bowl ad was created by Grey and is scheduled to air in the second quarter of Sunday’s big game, near the two-minute warning. “It’s one of those commercials you have to see to believe,” said Tor Myhren, chief creative officer of Grey New York. “I could try to explain it, but you’d probably just think I was crazy.”

Uh-huh. Now, the commercial. Just a recommendation: watch it with the lights on.

I suppose you have to give truTV credit for their unique approach to promoting the new show: terrify people to such an extent they can not not watch it.

Makes sense. It works for Two and a Half Men. Zing! And topical to boot!

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