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If Any Media Outlet Needs A Person To Cover The Olympics In Vancouver, I Am Totally Available, Dude

pot olympics

I just finished reading an incredibly illuminating article that was published Saturday in the New York Daily News entitled, “Smoke Rings: Progressive laws in Vancouver make next month’s Winter games the Pot Olympics” and I have to tell you, I have never been more excited about an upcoming Olympic Games than I am right now.

The article, written by Nathaniel Vinton, begins as follows:

Gold, silver, bronze … green?

The Winter Games commence Feb. 12 in Vancouver, British Columbia, the most marijuana-friendly host city in Olympic history, a place where restrictions on pot are loose enough to allow “consumption lounges,” some of which are extending their hours to accommodate a wave of jet-lagged international visitors.

What does one smoke at such “coffeeshops?” Perhaps something harvested the summer before from the mountains an hour north, near Whistler, where the Alpine skiing events will take place amidst lush forests that are said to contain crops of remarkable potent strains of cannabis.

Obviously, I was hooked and read on. It is a lengthy and informative article and I highly recommend it, but below is an additional passage to entice you:

So how’s this for absurd? While fans, coaches, sponsors (and yes, members of the media) might be lighting up at the New Amsterdam Cafe or the Vapor Lounge on Hastings Street in downtown Vancouver, the hockey players and figure skaters will be peeing in cups just a few blocks away, hoping they don’t fail the whiz quiz.

Let’s be blunt: these are the Pot Olympics, where progressive laws and the war on dopers could collide as never before.

Ha. Blunt. The newsworthiness of the article notwithstanding, I have an interesting opportunity I would like to offer to any interested parties: correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my opinion that as Americans, we should demand that some prominent member of the national media send someone – with experience in these sort of matters and a deft writing touch, of course (well, maybe not the deft writing touch) – to Vancouver and either confirm or deny the veracity of the allegations put forth in this fascinating essay.  I’m just throwing it out there, but as I mentioned above, if there happens to be a media outlet that desires an informed investigation by a person who could provide valuable insight into what exactly is going on up there in Vancouver, I’m your man, um, man. I travel lightly and the amount I would request for my per diem would be negligible.  So, right on, right? Let’s get the word out there regarding my availability, readers. I won’t let you down.

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