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Buster Olney Channels His Inner Jesus Quintana, Calls Criticism Of Yankees ‘Laughable, Man! Ha Ha!’

olneyjesus-quintanaMore often than not, I usually wouldn’t go with a story like this – but I’m bored as hellĀ  and likely so are you – so here it is: an excerpt from a blog entry by ESPN’s MLB “insider” Buster Olney from this weekend caught my eye. Not because it was particularly insightful or generally informative – but primarily due to the words Olney used to when discussing the criticism the Yankees are currently receiving because of their unwillingness to sign Johnny Damon.

But it’s laughable that the Yankees are taking flak for not working out a contract with Johnny Damon — if you consider what happened as it happened, rather than the historical revision of those covering tracks.

Alright, alright. He didn’t write “Laughable, man. Ha Ha!” but it’s close enough. Further, an incredibly reliable source at ESPN has informed me that an editor removed the phrase “Bush league psyche-out stuff” from Olney’s original blog entry.

As I mentioned above, my source is completely reliable and knows the inner workings of tWWL intimately, so I am standing by this story as fact. But just who is this magnificent source, you ask? I’m sorry, that is classified. However, if you would like to know anything and everything about what a typical day consists of for a custodian on the Bristol campus, I’m your guy.

Johnny Damon isn’t going to prom [ESPN/Buster Olney Blog]